About AwarenessHub

Prove the ROI of Social Marketing

Recognized for its powerful and easy-to-use cloud-based software, AwarenessHub delivers a game-changing and comprehensive system to centrally manage all social media activities, all from a single platform.  It’s patent-pending technology drives social marketing ROI by allowing marketers to capture, cultivate and score leads from across the social web.

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Key Components of the AwarenessHub Suite Include:

social_publishingSocial Publishing & Content Marketing
Publish content to multiple social channels with one click!

social_engagementSocial Engagement
Easily engage in conversations across the social web through one interface.

social_listeningSocial Listening & Social Prospecting
Target conversations & individuals that generate leads & build demand.

social_profileSocial Profile Collection & Dynamic Updating
Instantly capture profile information on individuals who participate in conversations you specify.

Social_SoringSocial Scoring
Instantly & Dynamically rank all social profiles based on the criteria & business rules you define.

Social_OffersSocial Marketing Offers
Execute hyper-targeted social marketing campaigns through ALL social channels. Target an audience, segment or individual.

SocialAnalyticsSocial Analytics
Get a Deep Dive into the metrics surrounding all your social marketing activities with the most robust analytics tool on the market today.

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